BSFlite Development

SourceForge makes things easy on me. Just go to the project page for bug submissions, forums and CVS info. I welcome any sort of contribution; however, I can't guarantee you that it will be included into the main tree. I'm always open to suggestions about features, too, if you're not the programmer type.

BSFlite is written entirely in C and is intended to be as portable as possible. Please keep this in mind when writing contributions and bugfixes. Again, don't hesitate to contact me if you need help of any sort.

Also, I would very much like to have BSFlite included in some distributions, including binary packages and all that fun stuff. I myself don't use any distribution so making packages is a bit difficult/bothersome, but if you'd like to volunteer this task, I'd be very grateful.

IMComm Development

Please read the CVS information page for instructions on how to check out IMComm from CVS. The modulename is imcomm. A README file is included in the tree, and BSFlite source code can be used as further reference. Should you exhaust these methods, please do contact me.